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Oncology-focused aesthetics

are skin care services administered by licensed professionals who have advanced training, ​and are certified ​through Oncology Training International​™. By utilizing specific protocols, we address the unique concerns of people living with cancer and health-compromised skin.

We provide solutions in a comforting, caring, and supportive environment for all who desire healthy skin, with an emphasis on guidance for cancer patients and others whose skin has been affected by medical conditions.

Health Compromised Skin and Cancer Care

Whether it is a chronic or acute condition, people with health concerns can be plagued by side effects that manifest outwardly in the skin, hair and nails, caused by either the condition itself, and/or the prescribed treatment. These conditions can range from chronic eczema to seasonal use of antihistamines for environmental allergies that dry out the skin, to courses of chemotherapy and/or radiation for a cancer diagnosis. Whatever the source, topical solutions are available to help reduce inflammation, alleviate discomfort and soothe the skin.

The professionals at Salvé Aesthetic Solutions are specially trained and certified through Oncology Training International® and Innovative Skincare’s iS Cancer Care™ Program in the treatment of health-compromised skin. We provide answers, explanations, education and solutions specific to the individual’s needs to find resolutions for skin dilemmas.

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Our Philosophy

We care about you.

We provide answers, explanations, education and solutions tailored to your specific skin dilemmas.

Each of our clients can expect to receive the utmost professional attention to detail in a thoughtful, caring and nurturing environment.

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Trained, Certified & Affiliated with

Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists
Certified in Oncology
International Society for Oncology Estheticians and Allied Professionals
iS Clinical Cancer Care
International Association for Applied Corneotherapy